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Monday, 10 May 2004

Re: Check this out, Martian NOT !!

Re: Check this out, Martian NOT !!

Mon May 10 21:32:15 EDT 2004

On May 10, 2004, Steven Drummond wrote:

>Hi, Check this out , Something this size weighing

>3 kilos, Must be from a neutron star . Certainly not

>a meteorite. I thought the list members would like to

>see this one .

>Good for a laugh anyway.

This is a nice example of botryoidal goethite or
hematite. :-)

Go look at 1. " Botryoidal hematite has the appearance
of grape clusters" in

2. "Hematite An excellent thumbnail floater
of botryoidal (almost oolitic in size)..." in
"Mineral Collection Images - My Mineral Collection,
Miscellaneous Systematic Oxides Page" at:

3. "Hematite, - botryoidal, Compton Martin" In
"minerals of England and Wales" at:


4. "Botryoidal Hematite" in "Various Crystals 1" at:


Baton Rouge, LA

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