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Wednesday, 21 July 2004

Where Were You When It Happened 35 Years Ago?

Where Were You When It Happened 35 Years Ago?

Paul H bristolia at
Wed Jul 21 09:15:43 EDT 2004

Some 35 years ago, I was with my family at my
grandmother's house in Falmouth (Cape Cod), MA. There,
I watched the first step on the Moon with my whole
family, two parents and five kids, and my Mom's mother
gathered around the television. It was a bit surreal watching
the first step on the Moon live on television. (It was one
thing that science fiction writers apparently failed
to predicted.) Afterward, my grandmother talked about
how she felt when she first read about the Wright
Brother's flight. It was was weird to think about her
having seen it all from the Wright Brothers to Neil

Before it, I had been following the entire space
program and watching almost every televised launch of a
manned- space vehicle and even launches of unmanned vehicles.
My mother would arrange with teachers to either let me

leave school for an hour or so to be home to watch a
manned launch or watch the launch at school on


Baton Rouge, LA

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