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Tuesday, 10 August 2004

Review Paper on Chondrules Published in EPSL

Review Paper on Chondrules Published in EPSL

Paul H bristolia at
Tue Aug 10 10:37:56 EDT 2004

Dear Friends,

the latest issue of Earth and Planetary Science
has a review article about chondrules. it is:

Zanda, B., 2004, Chondrules. Earth and Planetary
Science Letters. vol. 224, no 1-2 , Pages 1-17
(30 July 2004)

The abstract ends:

"The current most popular mechanisms for forming
chondrules in a nebular setting are radiation
emitted by the protosun in the X-wind setting
or shock waves propagated in the protoplanetary
disk. In the latter case, chondrule formation
may have contributed to the first stages of
accretion, which would have helped preserve the
chemical complementarity between chondrules and
matrix. It is important that the chemical and
isotopic properties, and even the petrology,
of chondrules be reassessed in order to allow
the development of chondrule formation models
that better fit these constraints."


Baton Rouge, LA

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