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Tuesday, 23 November 2004

My Eyes Are Glazing Over- Need "Scorecard"

My Eyes Are Glazing Over- Need "Scorecard"

Paul H bristolia at
Mon Nov 22 10:26:20 EST 2004

As someone, who is trying to follow this discussion,
my eyes are starting glaze over with NWA 1110 this;
NWA 2223 that; NWA 3133 is mine; NWA 3133 is not
yours; my NWA 1906 is real; your NWA 1906 is fake;
may the real NWA 788, NWA 787, or NWA 482,
please stand up. It is hard to search back through
the innumerable posts, given the lack of a search
engine specifically for the archives, to find out the
details behind each specific number is being talked

At some point, it seems someone needs to provide
a "scorecard" of some sort, if it doesn't already
exist, about what each of these "players" (meteorites)

in the number game are about. It would help the soft
core, uninitiated lurkers better understand what is
the significance of NWA XXXX versus either

As the posts go back and forth about these numbers,
I think of a song to the tune of "This Land is Your
Land" that starts out as "NWA 1110 is My number,
NWA 1110 is not your number from Uranus to Mercury…"
appearing at some point.


Baton Rouge, LA

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