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Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Re: Discovery of a huge impact site in East Jordan

Re: Discovery of a huge impact site in East Jordan

Paul bristolia at
Wed Aug 30 11:03:32 EDT 2006

drtanuki (Dirk) wrote:
“Stefan and List,
Thank you Stefan! That is virtually what I have.
The Google coordinates I have been studying for
almost three months are 31.025349N,36.482491E
measured at the centre of the crater. The diameter
that I get using the google measure is 5.8Km
for the outer ring. The central uplift I have not

I was looking at the 1968 El Azraq Sheet for the 1:250, 000
scale “Geologische Karte von Jordanien” (Geological map
of Jordan), Deutsche Geologische Mission in Jordanien) :
Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany. This geologic map
clearly shows a very well defined circular uplift of
Cretaceous marls, bituminous limestones, cherts, dolomites,
and so forth surrounded by Eocene to Paleocene cherty
limestones, marls, and nummulitic limestones at the precise
center of the proposed East Jordan impact site. In addition,
the same map shows a quite well developed ring of faults,
which completely and almost perfectly surrounding the
circular uplift of Cretaceous strata within the Paleogene
carbonates. As shown in this map, this feature certainly
looks like an impact structure. I guess in the late 1960’s,
geologists had not yet started thinking in terms of impact

Paul H.

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