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Sunday, 23 September 2007

More articles on Peruvian Event and Possible Picture

More articles on Peruvian Event and Possible Picture

Paul bristolia at
Sat Sep 22 10:10:32 EDT 2007

Some recent articles of interest about the Peruvian explosion.

1. Meteorite causes a stir in Peru: The explosion near Carancas
frightened and awed residents and (they say) made them sick. Los
Angeles Times, September 21, 2007,1,5605341.story?coll=la-headlines-world

This article has some detail about local reaction, including
hopes to bring in tourists.

2. In Peru, a Crater and Questions By Mike Nizza and Mike Nizza
New york Times bloggers, who visited the crater, September 20, 2007,

3. Peruvian Meteorite Has Sci Fi Twist By Bill Christensen,, September 19, 2007

4. Space object or meteorite that fell in Peru causes sickness

This has a untitled picture, which may or may not be of whatever
fell in Peru.

5. Meteorite Likely Caused Crater in Peru

Correction: Peru Meteorite Story, Associated Press



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