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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Another Possible crater? - Additional Note

Another Possible crater? - Additional Note

Paul bristolia at
Wed Nov 21 09:12:04 EST 2007

This is an additional note to:

Jerry wrote:

"This is copied from the article that you supplied

"We will defiantly let you know the outcome of the
research," they said.

Seems there's been quite of few of those threats on
the List this year. Maybe things will calm down to
normal next year and folks will get back to just
nicely reporting the facts." "

A detailed geologic map and description of the
geology of the region of the "Bender Crater"
can be found in:

Knechtel, M. M., 1959, Stratigraphy of the Little Rocky
Mountains and encircling foothills, Montana. United
States Geological Survey Bulletin no. 1072-N, pp.

This publication and map can be downloaded from:


Paul H.

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