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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Sardis Iron

Sardis Iron

Paul bristolia at
Tue Apr 1 12:08:27 EDT 2008

Sean T. Murray wrote:

“There is a write-up on Sardis that was on the Georgia
Mineral Newsletter, Volume IX, No. 4, Winter 1956 (part 1)
and Volume X, No. 4, Winter 1957 titled "Meteorites in
Georgia" by E. P. Henderson and A. S. Furcron. (There
are also reprint of the document from 1966). From the
Department of Mines, Mining, & Geology, 19 Hunter
Street S.W., Atlanta, Georgia.”

Two other references for the Sardis Iron are:

Henderson, E. P. and Cooke, C. W., 1942, The Sardis (Georgia)
meteorite. Proceedings of the U S. National Museum. vol. 92,
pp. 141—150.

V. F. Buchwald, V. F., 1977, The Mineralogy of Iron Meteorites.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series
A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Vol. 286, No. 1336,
pp. 453-491.


Paul H.

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