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Thursday, 26 June 2008

100th Anniversary of the Tunguska impact Nature issue

100th Anniversary of the Tunguska impact Nature issue

Paul bristolia at
Thu Jun 26 09:05:06 EDT 2008

The latest issue of Nature (Volume 453 Number 7199)
celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Tunguska impact.
It has papers and articles about impact events on the Moon
and Mars and NEOs. The URL for this issue is:

The articles and papers include:

1. Planetary science: Tunguska at 100

2. Planetary science: The hole at the bottom of the Moon

3. Planetary science: The burger bar that saved the world

4. Gallery feature: All craters great and small

5. What Spaceguard did

6. Planetary science: Forming the martian great divide

7. Mega-impact formation of the Mars hemispheric dichotomy
by Margarita M. Marinova, Oded Aharonson & Erik Asphaug

8. The Borealis basin and the origin of the martian crustal dichotomy
Jeffrey C. Andrews-Hanna, Maria T. Zuber & W. Bruce Banerdt

9. Implications of an impact origin for the martian hemispheric dichotomy
F. Nimmo, S. D. Hart, D. G. Korycansky & C. B. Agnor

Giant Asteroid Flattened Half of Mars, Studies Suggest, Scientific American

Mars' two-faced riddle 'solved', BBC News, UK


Paul H.

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