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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Acraman Corrections and Bunyeroos

Acraman Corrections and Bunyeroos

Paul bristolia at
Tue Aug 26 17:29:40 EDT 2008

Sterling K. Webb wrote:

“Don't ask me what a Bunyeroo is... Maybe a relative of
the Bunyip?”

Your guess is as good as mine. :-) :-)

Whatever a Bunyeroo might be, there is a gorge and creek
in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia named after it.

A brief description of the geology, including the Acraman
impact bed exposed in Bunyeroo George can be found in:

Webb, G. 2005. The geology of Bunyeroo, Brachina, and
Parachilna Gorges. In: (eds.) Aikman, A., Lilly, K., Célérier,
J., Kovács, I., and Estermann, G., An excursion guide to the
Flinders Ranges, South Australia, Journal of the Virtual
Explorer, Electronic Edition, ISSN 1441-8142, Volume 20,
Paper 2.

Tsunamis and super-hurricanes after the Acraman
asteroid impact

Flinders Ranges National Park Bunyeroo and Wilcolo Creeks Hike


Paul H.

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