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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Location of Australian Opal Miner’s “mega meteorite crater”

Location of Australian Opal Miner’s “mega meteorite crater”

Paul bristolia at
Wed Dec 3 10:26:01 EST 2008

In “Opal miner stumbles on mega meteorite crater -
With Picture”, Jason Utas wrote:

Text of article deleted.

For those people interested in Google Earth the location of
this suspected carter is 30 degrees, 47.8 minutes, 8.94
seconds S., 143 degrees, 8 minutes, 43.05 seconds E.

or -30.7858166667, 143.145291159

I have a kmz file that I can email interested parties.

another article about this crater is:

“Opal miner fossicks up a mega meteorite crater” at:

Some more articles about the Canadian meteorite crater.

Meteorite hits on Earth: There may be a recount:
Meteorite craters might not be as rare as we think. A
University of Alberta researcher has found a tool
that could reveal possibly hundreds of undiscovered
craters across Canada and around the world.

Unveiling hidden craters

How Many Meteorites Have Landed In Western Canada?
Prospects For The Missing Holocene Impact Record
Science Daily, Dec. 1, 2008

More Meteorites May Hit Earth Than Supposed: New Tool
Gives A Recount, Nov. 25, 2008


Paul H.

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