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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Inverted Paleochannels of Mars

Inverted Paleochannels of Mars

Paul bristolia at
Thu Jan 8 10:03:04 EST 2009

PDF files of papers discussing inverted fluvial channels on Mars
and terrestrial analogs in Utah are available online. They are:

Chidsey, T. C., Jr., R. E. M. Williams, and D. E. Eby, 2008,
Ancient Exhumed River Channels of the Morrison and Cedar
Mtn Formations. Utah Geological Survey Notes. vol. 40,
no. 3, pp. 1-4.

Williams, R. E. M., T. C. Chidsey, Jr., and D. E. Eby, 2007,
Exhumed Paleochannels in Central Utah–Analogs for Raised
Curvilinear Features on Mars. in G. C. Willis, M. D. Hylland,
D. L. Clark, and T. C. Chidsey, eds., Central Utah–Diverse
Geology of a Dynamic Landscape. Utah Geological
Association Publication no. 26. Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Utah inverted paleochannels can be seen readily on
Google Earth. The coordinates for one prominent set of them is:

38°52'32.42"N, 110°16'15.38"W


Paul H.

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