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Friday, 10 April 2009

Gamma Ray Burst caused mass extinction? (With URLs to PDF Files)

Gamma Ray Burst caused mass extinction? (With URLs to PDF Files)

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Fri Apr 10 23:10:48 EDT 2009

Gamma-Ray Burst Caused Mass Extinction? Anne Minard
National Geographic News, April 3, 2009,

There are a number of papers about this hypothesis.

Melott, A.L., B.S. Lieberman, C.M. Laird, L.D. Martin,
M.V. Medvedev, B.C. Thomas, J.K. Cannizzo, N. Gehrels,
and C.H. Jackman, 2004, Did a gamma-ray burst initiate
the late Ordovician mass extinction? International
Journal of Astrobiology, vol. 3, pp. 55-61.

The PDF file is at

Thomas, B.C. C.H.. Jackman, A.L. Melott, C.M. Laird, RS.
Stolarski, N. Gehrels, J.K. Cannizzo, and D.P. Hogan, 2005.
Terrestrial Ozone Depletion due to a Milky Way Gamma Ray
Burst. The Astrophysical Journal Letters. vol. 622, no. 2,
pp. L153–L156.

The PDF file is at

Dar, A. and A. De Rujula, 2002, The threat to life from
Eta Carinae and gamma ray bursts. Astrophysics and
Gamma Ray Physics in Space. Frascati Physics Series Vol. 24
pp. 513-523

PDF file at

Thomas, B.C., A.L. Melott1, C.H. Jackman, C.M. Laird, M.V.
Medvedev, R.S.. Stolarski, N. Gehrels, J.K. Cannizzo, D.P.
Hogan, and L.M. Ejzak, 2005, Gamma-Ray Bursts and the
Earth: Exploration of Atmospheric, Biological, Climatic and
Biogeochemical Effects. The Astrophysical Journal.
vol. 634, pp. 509-533

PDF file at

A.L. Melott and B.C.Thomas, Late Ordovician geographic
patterns of extinction compared with simulations of
astrophysical ionizing radiation damage.

PDf file at

Gamma-Ray Bursts as a Threat to Life on Earth
by B. C. Thomas.

Gamma-ray burst


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