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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Terminal Permian Volcanism and Mass Extinctions

Terminal Permian Volcanism and Mass Extinctions

Paul Heinrich oxytropidoceras at
Sun Feb 14 11:26:30 EST 2010

Dear Friends,

Below are some recent web pages and PDF files of publications
about termianl Permian volcanism and mass extinction. It looks
like this mass extinction was not caused by either an asteroid or
comet impact.

(Map of Russia with highlighted area around Siberian Traps)

Siberian Traps

The Siberian Traps - Home

Emeishan Traps

Late Permian Emeishan flood basalt in southeastern China

9. T84. Volcanism, Impacts, Mass Extinctions, and Global
Environmental Change II (Paleontological Society; GSA
Sedimentary Geology Division)

A few of innumerable online PDF files of papers:

Kamo, S. L., G. K. Czamanske, Y. Amelina, V. A. Fedorenko, D. W.
Davis, and V. R. Tro¢mov, 2003, Rapid eruption of Siberian
Flood-volcanic rocks and evidence for coincidence with the
Permian-Triassic boundary and mass extinction at 251 Ma. Earth
and Planetary Science Letters. vol. 214, pp. 75-91.

Haggerty, B. M., 1996, Episodes of Flood-Basalt Volcanism Defined by
Ar40/Ar39 Age Distributions: Correlation with Mass Extinctions?
Journal of Undergraduate Science. vol. 3, pp. 156-164.

Metcalfe, I., and Y. Isozaki, 2009, Current perspectives on the
Permian–Triassic boundary and end-Permian mass extinction:
Preface. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences. vol. 36, pp. 407–412

Isozaki, Y., 2007, Plume Winter scenario for biosphere catastrophe:
the Permo-Triassic boundary case. In Yuen, D., Maruyama, S.,
Karato, S. and Windley, B.F. (eds.), Superplume: beyond plate
tectonics. pp. 409-440, Springer, Berlin.

(warning the above file is 29 MB in size)

Isozaki, Y., 2009, Illawarra Reversal: The fingerprint of a
superplume that triggered Pangean breakupand the end-
Guadalupian (Permian) mass extinction. Gondwana Research.
vol. 15, pp. 421–432.

A bunch of downloadable PDF files at the bottom of "Yukio
Isozaki" at;

Retallack, G.J., 2005, Permian greenhouse crises, in Lucas, S.G.
and Ziegler, K.E., ed., The nonmarine Permian. Bulletin New
Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. vol. 30, pp. 256-269.

Retallack, G. J., R. M. H. Smith, and P. D. Ward, 2003, Vertebrate
extinction across Permian-Triassic boundary in Karoo Basin, South
Africa. Bulletin of the Geological Society of America. vol. 115, no. 9,
pp. 1133 - 1152.

Retallack, G. J., Christine A. Metzger, Tara Greaver, A. Hope Jahren,
Roger M.H. Smith and Nathan D. Sheldon, 2006, Middle-Late Permian
mass extinction on land, GSA Bulletin. vol. 118, no. 11-12,
pp. 1398-1411

Retallack, G. J., Greaver, T., and Jahren, A. H., 2007, Return to
Coalsack Bluff and the Permian-Triassic boundary in Antarctica.
Global and Planetary Change. vol . 55, pp. 90-108


Paul H.

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