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Monday, 30 May 2011

Zapotectite- what kinda name is that? Tikalites - Guatemala Tektites!

Zapotectite- what kinda name is that? Tikalites- Guatemala Tektites!

In "Zapotectite- what kinda name is that?" at ,

Carl asked:

"They say some were found in Mayan Ruins?"

These tektites were found in Tikal, Guatemala.

Go read:

Hildebrand, A. R., 1994, Appendix H, Report on tektites around at
Tikal, in H. Moholy-Nagy, and W. A. Haviland, eds., p. 100-101,
Tikal Report: The Artifacts of Tikal, Part B, Utilitarian Artifacts and
Unworked Material. vol. 27, University Museum Publications, University
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 288 p.

Hildebrand, A. R., H. Moholy-Nagy, C. Koeberl, L. May, F. Senftle, A.
N. Thorpe, P. E. Smith, and D. York, 1994, Tektites around in the ruins
of the Maya city of Tikal, Guatemala. Abstracts of the 25th Lunar
and Planetary Science Conference, held in Houston, TX, 14-18 March
1994, p. 549.

Senftle, F. E., A. N. Thorpe, J. R. Grant, A. Hildebrand, H. Moholy-Nagy, 
B. J. Evans, and L. May, 2000, Magnetic measurements of glass from Tikal, 
Guatemala: Possible tektites. Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 105,
no. B8, pp. 18921-18926

Tikal National Park, Guatemala

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Paul H.

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