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Friday, 16 December 2011

Help with new "Holocene" crater – Additional Note

Help with new "Holocene" crater – Additional Note

In the post Help with new "Holocene" crater, at
the crater, which I discussed is the Corossol crater 
(50°3’N, 66°23’W) just offshore of the Sept Iles 
harbour, Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada. It is described in

Higgins, M.D., Lajeunesse, P., St-Onge, G., Locat, J., 
Duchesne, M., Ortiz, J., Sanfaçon, R., 2011. Bathymetric 
and Petrological Evidence for a Young (Pleistocene?) 
4-km Diameter Impact Crater in the Gulf of Saint 
Lawrence, Canada, 42nd Lunar and Planetary 
Science Conference, Houston, Texas.


Paul H.

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