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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mysterious 'Monster' Fossil (?) Discovered by Amateur Paleontologist

Mysterious 'Monster' Fossil (?) Discovered by Amateur Paleontologist

Mysterious 'Monster' Discovered by Amateur
Paleontologist, ScienceDaily, April 24, 2012

Animal, vegetable, mineral - or monster?
Giant nine-foot-high fossil dubbed 'Godzillus'
baffles experts. Mail Online, April 25, 2012,

The original press release is:
Mysterious 'Monster' Discovered By Amateur
Paleontologist, University of Cincinnati, Greg Hand

The abstract is:
Fine, R., C. E. Brett, B. Dattilo, and D. L.
Meyer, 2012, An enigmatic Mat-like Fossil (?)
in the Kope Formation (Upper Ordovician),
Kenton county, Kentucky. Geological Society
of America Abstracts with Programs,
vol. 44, no. 5, p. 67.

In part, the abstract states:
"A new, enigmatic, large fossil(?) object from
a thin silty mudstone bed (up to 3 cm thick)
underlain by siltstone was excavated from the
lower Kope Formation (Economy Member,
basal Pioneer Valley submember) near
Covington, KY."

Paul H.