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Friday, 7 September 2012

Re: Sudbury impact fallout layer in Michigan

Re: Sudbury impact fallout layer in Michigan

There is a PDF version of a field trip guidebook that
provides other locations where a person can see the
Sudbury impact fallout layer in Minnesota. It is:

Jirsa, M., and P. Weiblen, 2010, Field Trip 4 – Geology
of the Gunflint Iron Formation and the Sudbury
Impact Layer, Northeastern Minnesota. Precambrian
Research Center, University of Minnesota Duluth
Duluth, Minnesota.

Other online papers about the sudbury impact
fallout layer are:

Cannon, W. F., K. J. Schulz, J. W. Horton Jr., and D. A.
Kring, 2010, The Sudbury impact layer in the
Paleoproterozoic iron ranges of northern Michigan,
USA. Geological Society of America Bulletin. vol. 122,
no. 1-2, pp. 50–75.

and 2. Jirsa, M., and P. Fralick, nd, Minnesota’s Evidence
of an Ancient Meteorite Impact. Minnesota Geological
Survey, St. Paul, Minnesota. or

Pete wrote

"I haven't tried to answer this yet, waiting till I was back
home and could write a proper answer.

The site is just south of the new high bridge (just completed
this year I believe) over the Dead River on County Road 510,
about 2 miles north of US-41 between Marquette and
Negaunee, Michigan. There is a nice paved pulloff area on
the north side of the road, complete with picnic tables and
a sign about the building of the "Highway 510 Bridge", and
the outcrops of breccia which are interpreted to be fallout
from the 1.8-billion-year-old Sudbury asteroid impact are
in the woods right next to the parking area. This is known
and the Dead River Basin or McClure site of the impact breccia.

Sincerely, Pete Modreski

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Re:Sudbury impact fallout layer
Could I get a location for this please? Sounds interesting."

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