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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Weird Meteorwrong from Austria

Weird Meteorwrong from Austria

While surfing the web recently, I came across this weird
meteorite claim in an article, "Mystery Ball Is A Meteorite
Claim" by Marija Andric from the December 19, 2009
CroatianTimes at:

It briefly mentions a "4-tonne" "mystery ball," which
was found during road work" between Waizenkirchen
and Grieskirchen," Austria. Although it is reported to
be made of metal, I seriously doubt this as the picture,
which accompanies the article, shows an object that
appears to be virtually identical to large cannonball
concretions. According the article, local people have
postulated that it is either a meteorite, religious artifact,
or somehow related to UFOs. These interpretations fall
well into the wide range of ways, including dinosaur
eggs, in which I have found people to have
misidentified large cannonball concretions. Given that
it was found within the North Alpine Molasse Basin,
I suspect that this large, round object is a cannonball
concretion. If so, a number of people have let their
imaginations get carried away with them and it is
certainly a bizarre example of a meteorwrong.

I would be interested if anyone on this list has heard
anything about this object.

For the cannonball concretions that were
misidentified as dinosaur eggs, a person can go to:

Dinosaur eggs said found in Russia's Chechnya
Rueters April 17, 2012

[Rockhounds] Dinosaur eggs said found in Russia's Chechnya

For other pictures of cannonball concretions, a person can go to:

(1.) "Tout ce que la nature ne peut pas faire, IV : sphères de pierre" at:,45.html

(2.) " Boules de pierre en Slovaquie, République Tchèque et Pologne"

(3.) "The Moeraki Boulders" at:

(4.) Koutu Boulders (Northland) at:

Some papers about the North Alpine Molasse Basin.

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North Alpine Molasse: A classic foreland basin.
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Best wishes,

Paul H.