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Friday, 29 November 2013

Acid rain, Siberian Traps, and Permian Extinction

Acid rain, Siberian Traps, and Permian Extinction

Acid raid, ozone depletion contributed to ancient extinction
Carnegie Institution of Washington News, November 20, 2013

Base of the Siberian Traps volcanic sequence and

A possible cause of the end-Permian mass extinction: Lemon
juice? MIT researchers find that rain as acidic as lemon juice
may have contributed to massive die-offs on land 252 million
years ago. Massachusetts Institute of Technology News
Nov. 25, 2013,

The paper is:

Black, B. A., J.-F. Lamarque, C. A. Shields, L. T. Elkins-
Tanton and J. T. Kiehl, 2013, Acid rain and ozone depletion
from pulsed Siberian Traps magmatism. Geology. (advance
online publication) doi: 10.1130/G34875.1

A related article:

The Permian Extinction—When Life Nearly Came to an
End by Hillel J. Hoffman, National Geographic Magazine


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