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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Paper About A.D. 774–775 Carbon-14 Spike

Paper About A.D. 774–775 Carbon-14 Spike

Below is an interesting paper about the
A.D. 774–775 Carbon-14 Spike.

Timothy Jull, A. J., I. P. Panyushkina, T. E. Lange,
V. V. Kukarskih, V. S. Myglan, K. J. Clark, M. W.
Salzer, G. S. Burr, and S. W. Leavitt, 2014, Excursions
in the 14C record at A.D. 774–775 in tree rings from
Russia and America. Geophysical Research Letters.
10.1002/2014GL059874, 7 pp.

“Our results confirm an abrupt ~ 15‰ 14C activity
increase from A.D. 774 to 776, the size and now the
hemispheric extent of which suggest that an
extraterrestrial influence on radiocarbon production
is mostlikely responsible.

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774–775 carbon-14 spike - and–775_carbon-14_spike


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