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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Re: [meteorite-list] Changes In 14C and Impacts

Re: [meteorite-list] Changes In 14C and Impacts
by Sterling Webb

Paul, Ed, List,

The village is actually named "Kitscoty."

Kitscoty is named after a village in Kent (U.K.) with a famous stone megalithic structure, so while Googling
for a Kitscoty Structure you have to distinguish which Kitscoty and what kind of structure is meant.

The "structure" referred to is a proposed "rebound" plateau of an impact south of Kitscoty, Alberta, Canada:

I don't know (and am not going to Google myself to death finding out), but I recall
that Hudson Bay and the Canadian Shield is very old crust, at least 2.0 to 2.5 billion years old.

It is bound to have evidence of a great many impacts in that long time span, but most, of ancient age. Plus, the Canadian Shield has been scoured by every ice age for billions of years, over and over and over again. Only evidences that can survive that will be found.

With typical human short-sightedness,most theories of any explanation of a feature in Northern Canada are always referred to "the last Ice Age," which is only the last few million years, while
the Shield is immensely more ancient and has been exposed for BILLIONS of years.

Northern Canada contains a great many craters; see:

I can suggest another very ancient crater:the south-southeastern coast of Hudson Bay, above James Bay is a portion of a perfect circle and it has a nice cluster of islands at the geometric center of that circle like the remnants of central peaks. I've always thought that it could be what's left of a very, very ancient "astrobleme." See map at:

It's very suggestive. But evidence? I know of none.

Sterling Webb

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