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Sunday, 6 September 2015

New Paper About Bloody Creek Structure, Nova Scotia

New Paper About Bloody Creek Structure, Nova Scotia

There is a new paper about Bloody Creek structure. It is:

Spooner, I., P. Pufahl, T. Brisco, J. Morrow,
M. Nalepa, P. Williams, and G. Stevens, 2015, The
North structure: evidence for a second possible
impact event at the Bloody Creek site, Nova Scotia,
Canada. Atlantic Geology, vol 51, pp. 44-50.

“The North structure is a discontinuous, partially
flooded elliptical basin 250 m in diameter and
defined by arcuate scarps. It is located in Annapolis
County, Nova Scotia, approximately 1 km north of
the Bloody Creek structure, a possible 400 m-diameter
elliptical impact crater.”

“What is lacking from the North and Bloody Creek
sites is a convincing petrographic record of shock
metamorphic effects, a problem that clearly needs
further investigation.”

“Both structures are interpreted to be post-Pliocene
(<2.6 Ma), based on the unlikelihood of their preservation
during Cretaceous-Paleogene regional peneplanation.”

They also note that preservation of pre-Pleistocene
saprolites beneath glacial tills as thick as 1–6 m at
locations within 10 km of the proposed suggests that
glacial erosion processes were not uniform in the
region of both landforms. alternatively, they argued
the “…well-preserved scarps and low depth-diameter
morphometry…” of these features “…might possibly
be the product of impact onto thin, stagnant glacial
ice…” 14,000 to 12,000 calendar years ago.

They conclude that much work remains to be done.


Paul H.

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