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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Re: [Rockhounds] AD- Ruck's Pit Calcite/Clams - 2005 Guidebook

Re: [Rockhounds] AD- Ruck's Pit Calcite/Clams - 2005 Guidebook

Larry wrote:

“I have recently added 9 specimens from the
now closed Ruck's Pit, in Florida….”

Given the discussion about Mercenariapermagna and
calcite crystals, list members might be interested to know
that there is a PDF version of filed trip guidebook about
Ruck’s Pit that is available online. It is:

Maddox, G. L., T. M. Scott, and G. H. Means, 2005,
Rucks’ Pit: Okeechobee County, Florida, USA.
Southeastern Geological Society Field Trip Guidebook
Number 45 December 3, 2005

It provides a wealth of information about the occurrence,
age, and other aspects of the geological setting of both
the Mercenariapermagna and the calcite crystals.


Paul H.

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