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Friday, 20 November 2015

Impact Origin of 775 AD Radiocarbon Spike (Anomaly) Disputed

Impact Origin of 775 AD Radiocarbon Spike (Anomaly) Disputed

Usoskin, I. G., and G. A. Kovaltsov, 2015, The carbon-14
spike in the 8th century was not caused by a cometary
impact on Earth. Icarus. vol. 260, pp. 475–476

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More Papers In List of publications: Ilya G. Usoskin at

For background information about the 775 AD
Radiocarbon Spike, look at:

774–775 carbon-14 spike–775_carbon-14_spike

Jull, A. J. T., I. P. Panyushkina, T. E. Lange, V. V. Kukarskih,
V. S. Myglan, K. J. Clark, M. W. Salzer, G. S. Burr, and S. W.
Leavitt, 2014, Excursions in the 14C record at A.D. 774–775
in tree rings from Russia and America. Geophysical Research
Letters. vol. 41, no. 8, pp. 3004-3010.
Abstract at
PDF file at

Neuhauser, R., and D. L. Neuhauser, 2011, Variations of
14C around AD 775 and AD 1795 – due to solar activity.
Astronomische Nachrichten / AN 999, no. 88, 789 – 813.
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