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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Rethinking Supervolcanoes

Rethinking Supervolcanoes

Rethinking Supervolcanoes: Study Indicates We
Need to Monitor Potential Eruptions Differently
by Liz Ahlberg, Illinois News Bureau, November 2015

Patricia, M. G., E. B. Grosfils, and S. L. de Silva,
2015, Catastrophic caldera-forming eruptions II:
The subordinate role of magma buoyancy as an
eruption trigger. Journal of Volcanology and
Geothermal Research. vol. 305, pp. 100–113.

Other paper no. 1

Supereruptions driven by magma buoyancy
European Research Council

Caricchi, L., C. J. Annen, J. D. Blundy, G. Simpson,
and V. Pinel, 2014, Frequency and magnitude of
volcanic eruptions controlled by magma injection
and buoyancy. Nature Geoscience.

Other paper no. 2

Karlstrom, L., H. M. Wright, and C. R. Bacon, 2015,
The effect of pressurized magma chamber growth on
melt migration and pre-caldera vent locations through
time at Mount Mazama, Crater Lake, Oregon. Earth
and Planetary Science Letters. vol. 412, pp. 209–219.!page-science

Other paper no. 3

Supereruptions triggered by melt buoyancy
by Simone Ulmer, News, July 6, 2014

Malfait, W. J., R. Seifert, S. Petitgirard, J.-P, Perrillat,
M. Mezouar, T. Ota, E. Nakamura, P. Lerch, and
C. Sanchez-Valle, 2014, Supervolcano eruptions driven b
y melt buoyancy in large silicic magma chambers. Nature
Geoscience. vol. 7, pp. 122–125.


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