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Tuesday, 21 November 2000

Mammoths and Mastodons

Mammoths and Mastodons

- Under Construction -

by Paul V. Heinrich
Preliminary Draft (unedited)
Phase 0 - January 1, 1996

Mammoths and Mastodons

In Preparation
Unfortunately, this page is still in preparation. For pages with prepared material on them, see Petrified Wood and Miocene Vertebrate Fossils pages.

Fossil Bear

Despite, the large area of Louisiana occupied by outcropping Bentley Alloformation, very few native fossils have been reported from it. The only vertebrate fossils definitely known to have been found in it consist of fragmentary bear bones, Ursus species, found near Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana. When found, they were reported by newspapers as being the bones of a fossil hominid (Arata and Harmann 1966).

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Reference Concerning Other Pleistocene Vertebrate Fossils

This is a brief list of books, from Dr. Rick Toomey of the Illinois State Museum, that are good introductions to various Pleistocene vertebrate fossils that have been found around the world.
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Note About Pleistocene Fossils

Any vertebrate or plant fossils found within the either the Pleistocene deposits of Louisiana would be of great scientific interest to geologists and paleontologists. If you know of any fossils found within the Citronelle Formation of Louisiana or Mississippi, please, drop a letter or e-mail to;
Paul V. Heinrich,
Research Geologist
Louisiana Geological Survey
Energy, Coast and Environment
Building, Room 3079
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803
225-578-4398 - workdays

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