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Tuesday, 21 November 2000

Paul V. Heinrich Home and Louisiana Fossil Page

Paul V. Heinrich Home

and Louisiana Fossil Page

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Table of Contents

Louisiana Fossil Page
Louisiana Geology
  • Other Interests

  • Louisiana Fossil Page

    Common Animal and Plant Fossils of LouisianaFossils can be found within Louisiana. These fossils include Pleistocene vertebrate fossils, i.e. Mastodons and Mammoths, various Miocene vertebrates, and the Eocene fossil whale,Basilosaurus. Abundant invertebrate fossils can be found within the Pleistocene chert gravels, Pleistocene loesses, and outcropping Tertiary strata.

    Louisiana Geology

    Special Topics in Louisiana Geology1. Fault-Line Scarps in Southwest, Louisiana

    2. Pimple Mounds

    Pimple Mound - A term used along the Gulf Coast of eastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana for one of hundreds of thousands of low, rudely circular or elliptical domes composed of loamy sand. Their basal diameter ranges from 3 m to more than 30 m and height ranges from 30 cm to more than 2 m. (definition modified from "Dictionary of Geological Terms" by R. L. Bates and J. J. Jackson. See also their definition for Mima Mound).
    Pimple Mounds
    General Pimple Mound References
    Geoarchaeology of Pimple Mounds References

    3. Driskill Mountain, Louisiana's Highest Point

    The highest point in Louisiana is Driskill Mountain in Bienville Parish.

    Geologic Map of Louisiana

    Information About Louisiana Geology

    For information about the geology of Louisiana, a person can contact the Louisiana Geological Survey at:
    Louisiana Geological Survey
    Universitiy Station, Box G
    Baton Rouge, LA 70893-4107
    Phone: (504)388-5320
    Fax: (504)388-5328

    Free Rock and Fossil Articles and Geologic Maps

    At the below links, free articles in the form of PDF files can be downloaded
    from the Public Information Series web page1. Geology and Hurricane-Protection Strategies in the Greater New Orleans Area (2.6 MB)
    2. 46-Million-Year-Old Marine Fossils from the Cane River Site, North-Central Louisiana (800 KB)
    3. Louisiana Geofacts Brochure (1.6 MB)
    4. Generalized Geologic Map of Louisiana (7.2 MB)
    5. Earthquakes in Louisiana (284 KB)
    6. Active Faults In East Baton Rouge Parish (340 KB)
    7. Louisiana Petroleum Industry Facts (1.2 MB)
    8. Lignite Resources in Louisiana (688 KB)
    Louisiana geologic maps in the form of PDF files can be downloaded from
    the geologic Maps web page

    Other Interests

    Science Fiction

    Local Archaeology, Rockhound, and Geoscience Groups

    Fantastic Geoarchaeology Page

    My Excursions into the "Wild Side" of Archaeology

    Geological, Paleontological and Other WWW Sites


    Radiometric Dating



    • Louisiana Marine Mammal Stranding Network -- A network of
      volunteers charged with collecting information on stranded
      marine mammals within the state. They also assist live, stranded
      marine mammals and attempt to rehabilitate them.
    • The Marine Mammal Center -- Northern California's marine
      mammal rescue, rehabilitation, and release resource.
    • Bats are very important, but not very popular and much maligned
      animals. The Bat Conservation International's educational web
      site may change your mind about them.

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