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Monday, 19 July 2004

Mysterious Rosicrucian Meteorite - What Was It?

Mysterious Rosicrucian Meteorite - What Was It?

Paul H bristolia at
Mon Jul 19 20:08:19 EDT 2004

I was searching through Google News Search Engine to
see if I could find anything more about the story of
the alleged fireball that set fire to the vollage in Egypt.
Instead the keywords "Egypt" and "meteorite" gave
me the following article:

"Rosicrucians make pilgrimage to San Jose"
Biloxi Sun Herald, MS, Jul. 03, 2004

Talking about the Rosicrucians' headquarters, it

"For generations of San Joseans, it's
an eclectic theme park incongruously
set in an otherwise ordinary neighborhood
of leafy streets and picturesque homes.
Its onion-domed planetarium, statue of
Pharaoh Thutmose III, 60-foot obelisk
and Egyptian-style buildings with
hieroglyphs and columns recall school-
day field trips."

Talking about children taking these fieldtrips, it

"Later, as adults, they may have strolled
its lush gardens or read about the mystery
of the missing 209-pound meteorite. (The
exhibit, which had been on display 40
years, was stolen by a former security
contractor and never found.)"

A 209 pound meteorite sounds like an awfully large
meteorite to have disappeared into thin air.

Does anyone know about the history of this meteorite
as to where it was found, type of meteorite, when
it was stolen, and so forth?


Baton Rouge, LA

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