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Wednesday, 7 July 2004

Shirokovsky - Some Thoughts

Shirokovsky - Some Thoughts

Paul H bristolia at
Wed Jul 7 01:22:44 EDT 2004

Peter Marmet wrote:

>as far as I know, the lastest info is still this

>special statement of the meteoritical society:

One really curious thing about the Shirokovsky
material is that its K-Ar age of the olivine is
"about 270 million years". This is curious because
there are metalliferous ultramafic rocks of that age,
which contain dunite, a rock composed entirely of

What is also most curious is that Au, Ir, and Os of
the olivine is typical of olivine found in Cu-Ni
deposits. It is curious because, there are large
ultramafic Cu-Ni ore deposits that occur in Russia
which contain olivine-rich rocks. For example,
there are "seven major ore deposits associated
with the basal portions of such olivine rich
intrusives" in the Noril'sk / Talnakh Ni-Cu-PGE
(Platinum-Group Elements) ore deposits. By coincidence

or not, these olivine-rich intrusives are part of
subsurface sills associated with extensive flood
basalt accumulations, called the "Siberian Traps",
is about 251 million years in age, which is quite
close to the "about 270 million years age" of the
Shirokovsky material. The inexact age determination
made on it, could be off by 20 million years.

Within the Central Urals, there are numerous
complexes that contain dunites associated with rich
chromite and PGE (Platinum-Group Elements)
mineralization and ores. Any of these could be
potential nearby sources of the olivine, which might
have been associated with ore being transported or

Given the detailed analyses of the olivine in the
Shirokovsky material, a person should be able to
determine whether any potential / possible source for
the olivine described in the above Meteoritical
Society Report exists within Russia.

mark ford wrote:

>In all the pictures I have seen, to me

>it doesn't quite seem right for a

>pallasite the crystals look a bit too

>sharp and pointed', (just an observation)

>anyone agree with me?

I agree completely with you. Go read "[meteorite-
list] Shirokovsky Texture - A Red Flag As to Its
Origin??" at:

There I stated:

" I have been looking at a number of pictures of
fragments of Shirokovsky that were shown on
various web pages and pictures of pallasites.
After comparing them, there appears to be, in
my opinion, a rather drastic difference in the
texture of the olivine grains within each. In the
pallasites, indvidual grains are equant and either
rounded or euhedral. Also, in the pallasites, a
person can find examples of olivine grains that
have coalesced together.

Examples of this texture can be seen at:

In comparison, pictures of the pieces of
Shirokovsky that I have found have a different
texture. the olivine crystals are far more angular
and variable in outline than found in the pallasites,
for which I found pictures. In fact, some of the
olivine pieces in pictures of Shirokovsky are even
flat rectagular blades quite unlike anything seen
in true pallasites. In addition, I don't see any of
the merged / coalesced olivines seen in other,
Overall, the Shirokovsky has the appearance of a
terrazzo floor made up of fragmented rocks."


Baton Rouge, LA

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