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Thursday, 12 August 2004

Explorers Find UFO Fragments in Tunguska Meteorite Area

Explorers Find UFO Fragments in Tunguska Meteorite Area

Paul H bristolia at
Thu Aug 12 10:03:47 EDT 2004

Ron Baalke wrote:

Explorers find

UFO fragments in Tunguska meteorite area
Pravda.Ru (Russia) August 10, 2004

...text deleted...

"Members of the scientific expedition of
the Siberian state foundation Tunguska Space
Phenomenon say they have managed to uncover
blocks of an extraterrestrial technical device.
The space body, which was later called the
Tunguska meteorite, fell down on Earth on June
30th 1908, 65 kilometers off the Vanavara
settlement, the Evenkiya republic."

My wife, who from Russia, cautions the readers of this

list to take what is written in modern Pravada with
considerable amount of skepticism. From her
it isn't much different from the Parvada of Soviet

>From what I have seen, it has the habit of publishing

various unverified and sensationalist news stories
a large content of junk science that would be at home
in New Age magazines, i.e. "Atlantis Rising", which
regularly publish poorly written articles about
various types of junk science. i.e. Antarctic being
the site of Atlantis and Hindu Old Earth creationism.

An example of such an article is " "Black Holes"
Devour People", which was published in Pravada on
April 26,2 004. It can found at:

A paragraph from this article reads:

" "I blame the so-called "black holes" for
disappearance of people", says Jane Lindsett,
Professor, California University, San Francisco.
"Periodically, time and space on Earth refract,
and entire cities may find themselves in a different
dimension, which sometimes "spits them out".
There are scores of such "black holes " on Earth,
and people frequently get in them. A decade ago,
a 36-year-old Lydia Kimfield, Androver (Texas),
disappeared during her visit to the doctor. An
hour later her body was found one thousand
kilometers away from the city. An autopsy showed
that she had died two months earlier! In the
state of New Mexico there is a road on which 19
people disappeared without a trace, the last
case being in 1997. The road runs across the
desert, which can be observed from air. The
vanished people might have been carried over
to the ocean or woods where they perished.
Objects cannot travel across space, that's why
ships were found vacated, but the belongings
of those who disappeared were in place"."

Other examples of junk science published in Prvada

Taking Photographs of the Past is Possible: A
from the Russian city of Voronezh invented a camera
that 18:50 2003-02-17

Anomalous ground holes appear in the Russian province
Ufologists suppose, aliens land on Earth to take
samples 08/03/2004 18:27

Sexual contacts with aliens occur frequently: Aliens
take samples of semen and ovule from human abductees
for their genetic experiments 08/04/2004 18:15

UFO Prevents Blast at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant
Eyewitnesses say that they saw an UFO hovering above
exploded reactor 16:15 2002-09-16

3-D Map of the Earth created 120 millions of years
On-line press conference with Alexandr Chuvyrov 14:48

Atlantis Under Antarctica? 13:00 2002-12-02

Atlantis Will Be Found: Russian researchers have held
the Second Congress of Atlantis Explorers in Moscow
05/26/2003 11:19

These articles provide examples of the complete lack
of any
vetting for junk science by Pravada in what it
Thus, a person should have a healthy skepticism of
what in
the way of the various "science" articles is published
in it.

Finally, a person might want to note that Lenin still
on the banner at the top of its page, which says much
it philosophy and how it has changed since Soviet


Baton Rouge, LA

P.S. For some interesting off-topic news, a person can
go to:

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