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Monday, 6 September 2004

Fate of Space Shuttles Unknown

Fate of Space Shuttles Unknown

Paul H bristolia at
Mon Sep 6 00:34:38 EDT 2004

Fate of Space Shuttles Unknown

Kennedy Space Center: Shuttles' fate
unknown. Florida Today, Sunday,
September 05, 2004

"The fate of NASA's multibillion-dollar
space shuttle fleet remains an open

NASA recovery teams will reopen Kennedy
Space Center Monday and begin to tally
damage done at the agency's coastal
Florida spaceport. High winds from the
easternmost edge of Hurricane Frances
made it too dangerous to send teams in
to KSC on Sunday."


Posted on Sun, Sep. 05, 2004
While many evacuated, one family faced
Frances in barrier island home,
by BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press

"Outside, winds pick up even stronger.
They hear on the radio that Cape
Canaveral a couple miles to the north
is measuring 125 mph winds."


Baton Rouge, LA

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