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Tuesday, 19 October 2004

Question about Comets, Shock Waves, and Craters

Question about Comets, Shock Waves, and Craters

Paul H bristolia at
Tue Oct 19 15:28:53 EDT 2004

I have come across an idea with people,
while engaged in the discussion of geology,
which claims that when a comet disintegrates,
it can produce some type of "shock wave" that
can impact the ground in a way as to produce
a crater. Although the person will claim that
this is scientifically possible, he or she can't
produce a detailed physical model about
how this actually happens.

Has anyone published any type of physical
model about how the disintegration /
explosion / aerial detonation of a comet
can produce "shock waves" / "jets" capable
of producing craters? Is there any reality
to this idea? Or is this all techno babble
of the type that a person hears in "Star
Trek" and other science fiction, used to
justify scientifically impossible plot devices?

Best Regards,

Baton Rouge, LA

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