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Monday, 29 November 2004

An Opportunity For Public Service, Profit, and Publicity

An Opportunity For Public Service, Profit, and Publicity

Paul H bristolia at
Sun Nov 28 20:10:52 EST 2004

While looking around on the Internet, I
found an opportunitye for the meteorite
community to do a public service and, at
the same time possibly profit for their

This ooportunity exists at the "Earth
Science World ImageBank" at:

"The Earth Science World ImageBank is a
service provided by the American Geological
Institute (AGI). This ImageBank is designed
to provide quality geoscience images to the
public, educators, and the geoscience

First, the meteorite community could do a
public service by submitting representative
pictures of meteorites, tektites, impactites,
impact craters, meteorite thin sections,
and anything else related to meteorites. As
far as I found this database has only one
picture of a meteorite and no images of
tektites. It would certainly would be a
public service to contribute pictures of
meteorites and related items, which can be
used for educational purposes. I am using
the word "contribute" because the person
submitting the pictures still retains
copyright on it and can still require a
fee for any commercial use.

It would be a public service if a collection
of meteorite photographs could be submitted
to this web site that included an example
of each different type of meteorite and a
selection of pictures of historically
important falls. Also, pictures of craters,
meteorites as they are found in the field,
impactites, shocked belenmites, shocked
quartz, etc. would be an important

Second, one feature of the image data bank
is that a person can permit the free use
of their images for specific educational
purposes and, yet, require people, who want
to use an image for commercial purposes,
pay them a set fee for each use of one of
their images. Thus, not only can a person
perform a public service by providing
images of meteorites, impact craters,
impactites, tektites, thin sections, and
so forth, they also can profit from an
image in the database, if someone wants
to use it for commercial purposes.

Finally, the people on this list should
note that the name of the person or company
hdoling teh copyright is displayed in the
database. This gives them some free publicity.
Also, if an image is used for educational
purposes, the database requests that the
proper credit be given to it. Again, the
contributors will get some more free
publicity whenever their image is used.

For details of how to contribute, go to:

"The Earth Science World ImageBank is
always looking to collect more high-
quality geoscience images for this
growing collection. The primary mission
of the ESWIB is to provide these images
to educators, the geoscience community,
and the public for non-commercial use.
Your contribution and assistance in
helping us develop this lasting resource
will not only benefit the scientific
community, but also help to enhance
Earth System education."

Best Regards,

Baton Rouge, LA

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