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Saturday, 21 May 2005

3,700 (1.46 tons of) meteorites from Oman

3,700 (1.46 tons of) meteorites from Oman

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Sat May 21 21:53:08 EDT 2005

In ‘1000 kg of meteorites from Oman?", at:
, Darren Garrison wrote:

1000 kg? Can that number be right?

1,000kg of meteoric rocks collected from Dhofar and Wusta regions

MUSCAT — The geological activities carried out by the Directorate-General of Minerals at the Commerce and Industry Ministry to preserve meteorites have resulted in collecting 1,000kg of meteoric rocks in Dhofar governorate and the Wusta region.

Go look at the below article, which I noted in:

Oman’s lunar meteorite sparks exciting cosmic secrets
By Conrad Prabhu, 17th August 2004, Oman Observer

In this article, it stated:

"SaU 169 was one of an estimated 3,700 meteorites
discovered during a series of joint field search
campaigns undertaken between January 2001 and
January 2003, says the Omani geologist. "We invested
a total of 339 man-days in the search, which yielded
some 1,334 kg of meteorites, which may have come
from an original 150-200 individual falls. Meteorites
commonly break up in the atmosphere into many
smaller fragments."

According to this article, they collected 1,334 kg
(2935 pounds, 1.46 tons) of meteorites.

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