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Thursday, 21 July 2005

New Paper on Richat Dome, Mauretania in Geology

New Paper on Richat Dome, Mauretania in Geology

Paul H bristolia at
Thu Jul 21 13:19:36 EDT 2005

Guillaume Matton and Michel Jébrak, 2005,
Resolving the Richat enigma: Doming and
hydrothermal karstification above an alkaline
complex. Geology. vol. 33, no. 8, pp. 665–668.

The abstract concluded:

"The circular Richat structure and its breccia
core thus represent the superficial expression
of a Cretaceous alkaline complex with an
exceptionally well preserved hydrothermal
karst infilling at its summit."

Other web pages:

August GEOLOGY media highlights, Press Release, July 19, 2005

"A model is proposed in which the intrusion
of an underlying magmatic body resulted in
the bulging of the overlying crust and
production of fluids, thus creating a favorable
setting for the dissolution of sedimentary
rocks. Formation of voids has led to the
collapse and brecciation of overlying units.
Thus, Matton et al. suggest that this unique
structure had a terrestrial origin, ultimately
forming from the effects of an intrusion
originating from Earth's mantle."

Richat Structure in Mauritania

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Monday, 18 July 2005



Paul H bristolia at
Mon Jul 18 14:02:05 EDT 2005

on July 18, 2005, Marcin quoted from previous post:


>>I think a few (including myself) may have

>>believed a man-made origin after seeing

>>that pic. Whether it was deliberately

>>manufactured or a by-product of an

>>industrial process..... well..... I guess we

>>will probably never know.

Marcin wrote:

>Jeff, list...

>After this photos I think none can have any

>doubts if this is natural or man-made product.

> Http://

> Http://

> Http://

> Http://

> Http://


>Grey surface is iron that become mat after

>etching in normal 10% solution. No any

>visible etching pattern. White squares is as I

>believe not dissolved nickel pieces that fall

>down to bottom and not have time to

>dissolve in iron-olivine solution.

After I forwarded pictures of non-etched
slices of Shirokovsky and compositional data
concerning the lithic fragments found in its
iron-nickel matrix to a metallurgist friend,
who prefers to remain nameless, I received
this comment:

"Based on the information given I would
concur that this is a man-made material,
probably derived from a furnace and quite
possibly part of a furnace lining, i.e. a
refractory brick that has been strongly
altered by reaction with the molten contents
of the furnace. This is supported by the
very iron-rich composition of the olivine
and the presence of magnesiowustite and
magnesioferrite. This conclusion is also
supported by the reported "eutectic" nature
of the metal-oxide intergrowth."

Best Regards,

Baton Rouge, LA

Sunday, 10 July 2005

Re: Now for the next scary space thing

Re: Now for the next scary space thing

Paul H bristolia at
Sun Jul 10 13:25:41 EDT 2005

Darren Garrison posted

"Now for the next scary space thing July 09,2005

Now for the next scary space thing July 09,2005

There is a category of worries called Bad Stuff from
Space, currently being ably exploited by the sci-fi
"War of the Worlds" where the bad stuff is aliens."

There is "More Bad Stuff from Outer Space" involving
meteorites in
"Undead" at;

Promos for some prime time commercial TV series
suggests that
in addition to "War of The Worlds", we are in for a
spate of Bad Stuff
from Outer Space in the form of body snatchers and
other alien
invaders this Fall.