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Sunday, 21 August 2005

Unexpectedly ‘Young’ Chondrules Found in Meteorite

Unexpectedly ‘Young’ Chondrules Found in Meteorite

Paul H bristolia at
Sun Aug 21 23:32:05 EDT 2005

Monkey Wrench in Solar System Evolution, August 18, 2005

"Toronto -- A U of T scientist has found unexpectedly
‘young’ material in meteorites – a discovery that
breaks open current theory on the earliest events
of the solar system."

Chondrules younger than thought
Science Daily (press release) - August 19, 2005

Discovery of ’young’ material in meterorites defies
linear ...
innovations report, Germany - August 19, 2005

The paper dicussed in the above articles is:

Krot, A. N., Amelin, Y., Cassen, P., and Meibom, A.,
Young chondrules in CB chondrites from a giant impact
in the early Solar System. Science. vol. 436 No.
pp. 989-993.



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