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Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Very small Majuba impact site discovered!

Very small Majuba impact site discovered!

Paul bristolia at
Tue Oct 25 09:20:14 EDT 2005

Norm wrote:

"While trying to replicate their luck at the
Majuba, Nevada find area, I recovered what I
think may go down in history as the smallest
Majuba granule likely to ever be recovered.
With a maximum dimension of about 4 mm
and a weight of about 0.5 gms, this one is
really, really small.

Story and photos at: "

In this wonderful write-up, I noted that Norm wrote:

"For about 3 years, whenever possible, I have
searched all over the area without any luck (except
for about 20 nice gold nuggets)"

It says a lot about collecting meteorites when it is
easier to find gold nuggets than meteorites. :-)


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