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Wednesday, 12 April 2006

New Paper on Bedout High, Australia, in EPSL

New Paper on Bedout High, Australia, in EPSL

Paul bristolia at
Wed Apr 12 17:16:00 EDT 2006

There is a paper about a geophysical study of the Bedout High,
one porposed site for a end of Permain imapct, just off of the
nothwest corner of Australia.

Muller, R. D., A. Goncharov, and A. Kritski, 2006, Geophysical
evaluation of the enigmatic Bedout basement high, offshore
northwestern Australia. Earth and Planetary Science Letters.
vol. 237. pp. 264–284.

They concluded:

"The available geophysical and geological data are compatible
with an interpretation of the Bedout structure as a basement
high formed by two consecutive Paleozoic and Mesozoic
episodes of rifting roughly orthogonal to each other, associated
with basin formation east and west of the Bedout High, but
fail nearly all unequivocal criteria for impact crater recognition."

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