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Friday, 30 June 2006

Old Italian Lithograph of Japanese Fall

Old Italian Lithograph of Japanese Fall

Paul bristolia at
Fri Jun 30 17:12:57 EDT 2006

Metorman46 at wrote:

>Jeff; I have to wonder about the report of a tsunami

>associated with this March 16 fall.If the report is true

>and or verified by research in japan that would be

>amazing.To generate a tsunami the bolide had to

>strike the sea,as you know.Japan was in a state of

>limbo at this time in history after the II world war

>and being occupied by allied forces.News about a

>bolide probably wasn't spread around very much

>because of that situation.I would venture to

>guess that a local record exists somewhere that

>would shed more light on this event. Maybe

>someone in japan could research the matter.


>To me ,this is intrigueing and could lead somewhere

>or not if checked out.TSUNAMI,TSUNAMI.that is the

>key,i think. Interesting topic Jeff.

I checked with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. It
turns out that although there is no catalogue of Russian
tsunamis in Soviet times, the Japanese kept and still
keep a very detailed catalogue listing all of the
tsunamis that hit Japan each year. The Japanese kept
very exact and detailed records, even in 1947, of the
tsunamis, which hit their coasts. For example, they
found a record of a small tsunami that hit Japan on
November 4, 1947. It was associated with an
earthquake off the west coast of Hokkaido.

However, the Japanese catalogue lists nothing for either
February 12, 1947 or the months on either side of it. In
the japanese and other tsunamis catalogues, there
exist “orphan” tsunamis, whose source is unknown. If
you are looking for meteorite impact tsunamis, these
are the ones to be investigated ion some manner.

Best Regards,

Paul H.

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