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Sunday, 21 January 2007

Alleged Meteorites and Craters Found Near Egyptian Pyramids

Alleged Meteorites and Craters Found Near Egyptian Pyramids

Paul bristolia at
Sun Jan 21 21:07:21 EST 2007

Does anyone know what the below research is about?

Meteorites from under the pyramids, "mp, tr.ajfb krx",
AGH University of Science and Technology

In part the article stated:

"According to "Dziennik Polski", the scientists were
intrigued by some unusual structures, which resembled
craters formed after meteorites hit the ground. They
noticed them when analysing satellite pictures of areas
north of the great pyramids in Giza."

“We found very solid metallic fragments in this area.
These are probably meteorite fragments” – says Prof.
Maciej Pawlikowski from the Mineralogy, Petrography
and Geochemistry department at AGH University, who
was the supervisor and main organiser of the
geological expedition. “We hope that further tests on
the patina covering the rocks, which formed during
the meteorites’ fall, will help us to establish the
exact time of the event” – the scientists said."

According to the article;, they found the alleged
craters and meteorite fragments as part of expedition
to study "geoglyphics'. They are described as
"gigantic pictures on the ground" which are located
east of Cairo and consist of "two several-kilometre-
long curved lines, which almost meet in one point"
and "look like a huge drawing of a scarab".

Does anyone have the latitude and longitude for
either the alleged "craters" or alleged "geoglyphic"?

Best Regards,

Paul H.

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