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Sunday, 11 March 2007

Impact Origin of Carolina Bays Argued For at 2007 AGU Meeting

Impact Origin of Carolina Bays Argued For at 2007 AGU Meeting

Paul bristolia at
Sat Mar 10 15:00:15 EST 2007

Dear Friends,

Apparently, there is going to be some interesting papers
at the 2007 Joint Assembly of the American Geophysical
Union as there will be a session presenting evidence for
an impact having occurred during Younger-Dyras times
at the "end of the last Ice Age. Below are links to
representative abstracts:

1. Evidence for an Extraterrestrial Impact Event 12,900 years
ago that Contributed to Megafaunal Extinctions and the Younger
Dryas Cooling

2. Formation of the Carolina Bays: ET Impact vs. Wind-and-Water

3. Extraterrestrial Markers Found at Clovis Sites Across North

4. Is There Evidence for Impact-Triggered Fires at the End

The session itself is " PP05: New Insights into Younger Dryas
Climatic Instability, Mass Extinction, the Clovis People, and
Extraterrestrial Impacts

It looks like Firestone and his supporters are refining their
arguments and dropping the implausible ones, i.e. the so-called
meteor crater in Lake Michigan, and concentrating on what they
regard the basic evidence for their ideas.

Best Regards,

Paul H.

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