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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

An explanation for “Meteorite” sickness ??

An explanation for “Meteorite” sickness ??

Paul bristolia at
Tue Sep 18 23:02:32 EDT 2007

I was looking at the picture in the various reports, such as:

1. Peru meteorite strike leaves 200 ill

Looking at the picture, it look like whatever caused the “crater”
landed in one of the intermountain basins, which are occupied
by salt pans associated with the beds of salts lakes. The water-
filled “crater” indicates that the lowest part of the lake bed, where
the water table is close to the surface might have been struck. it is
possible that when the crater” was created that enough hydrogen
sulfide and other gases in the lake deposits were released to either
make some people sick and nauseous. The dust generated from
something sediments full of various evaporite minerals might
have been enough to make people feel not well. Because of the
suddenness and sheer surprise of the event many, many other
people might have became sick out of emotional hysteria and
fearfulness after just a few people actually became physical ill.

Alternatively, people might have become ill simply out of shear
emotional fear and hysteria. if for no other reason, given the nature
of the event.

Just Some Thoughts,


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