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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Frank Hibben

Frank Hibben

Paul bristolia at
Wed Sep 12 15:24:19 EDT 2007

Grondine wrote:

We've all been treated to Paul's version of Hibben's life. Here's another one:

It scarcely looks like the same man.

First, it is revealing that this obituary is deafening in its
silence about his Sandia Cave and other Paleo-Indian
research. Like many obituaries, it can presents a
sanitized version of a person’s life where unpleasant
controversies are simply ignored as to avoid speaking
unkindly of the deceased.

Finally, if Mr. Grondine reads what other people have
written about Dr. Hibben, he will find that he is quite
wrong about it being my “version” of Dr. Hibben as I
am simplying reporting what other people have
written about him. For example, go see:

1. Preston, Douglas, 1995, The mystery of Sandia
Cave. The New Yorker. vol. 71, pp. 66-72 (June 12, 1995)

2. News: History, Santa Fe / NM, Columns Trail dust,
09/16/2006 - Sandia Cave significance mired in
controversy" at;

Regardless of whether Sandia Cave was a hoax or not,
which is still an open question, it was so badly excavated
and documented that the only people, who regard his work
there and his Sandia Culture as having any validity are
fringe archaeologists such the Hindu creationist, Dr.
Micheal Cremo.

Best Regards,

Paul H.

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