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Friday, 7 September 2007

New KT asteroid injection theory PART TWO

New KT asteroid injection theory PART TWO

Paul bristolia at
Thu Sep 6 21:38:41 EDT 2007

Mrs. Webb wrote:

"Hi, Paul, EP, List,"

Why are you addressing me? I don't have dog in this hunt. :-) :-)

Just because I post URLs to some articles means nothing about
whether I agree or disagree with them. In this case, they happened
to be something about meteorites, which I correctly guessed would
be of interest to people. I do not know enough to have an informed
opinion about is stated in them.

Maybe I should start adding a disclaimer to such postings that the
content of the articles, to which I post URLs do not necessarily
represent the opinion of the person posting them. :-) :-)

Best Regards,


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