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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Meteorite Shale

Meteorite Shale

Paul bristolia at
Wed Nov 28 13:11:20 EST 2007

Ron asked:

>I see some Meteorites for sale, especially the

>Willamette Meteorite, listed as Meteorite Shale.

>What exactly is Meteorite Shale?

It is a term used for a highly weathered (terrestrialized) meteorite.
The use of “shale”, I suspect, came from the tendency of some
highly weathered meteorites, specifically highly oxidized iron
meteorites to develope a layered structure as they weather and
break into subparallel / parallel layers like shale when broken.

The terms “shale balls” and “iron shale” is also used for
some highly weathered meteorites.

When Meteorites Get Old


Paul H.

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