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Monday, 31 March 2008

Bad Science on ancient meteorite impactor? part 1

Bad Science on ancient meteorite impactor? part 1

Paul bristolia at
Mon Mar 31 17:08:00 EDT 2008

In “Bad Science on ancient meteorite impactor?”, it
was stated by McCartney Taylor:

“I don't agree with most of these conclusions. I motion to have this
work peer reviewed by meteoriticists. Do I hear a second?”

and paraphrased in t
it was stated:

“The giant landslide centred at Köfels in Austria
is 500m thick and five kilometres in diameter
and has long been a mystery since geologists
first looked at it in the 19th century. The
conclusion drawn by research in the middle
20th century was that it must be due to a
very large meteor impact because of the
evidence of crushing pressures and explosions.”

The impact theory for the formation of the Köfels landslide has
been discredited by various published papers. They include:

Sorensen, S.-A., and Berthold Bauer, 2003, On the dynamics of
the Köfels sturzstrom. Geomorphology, vol. 54, no. 1-2,
pp. 11-19.

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Natural Hazards. vol. 23, no. 2-3, pp. 291-314.

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J. Smit, D. stoffler, and S.R. Taylor, 1994, The impact-flood
connection: Does it exist? Terra Nova. vol. 6, pp. 644-650.

Hermanns, R.., L. Blikra, M. Naumann, B. Nilsen, K. Panthi, D.
Stromeyer, O. Longva, 2006, Examples of multiple rock-slope
collapses from Köfels (Ötz valley, Austria) and western Norway.
Engineering Geology. vol. 83, no. 1-3, pp. 94-108.


Kubik, P.W., S. Ivy-Ochs, J. Masarik, M.. R. Frank, and C.
Schlüchter, 1998, 10Be and 26Al production rates deduced from
an instantaneous event within the dendro-calibration curve: the
landslide at Köfels, Oetz Valley, Austria. Earth and Planetary
Sciences Letters. vol.161, pp. 231-241.


Paul H.

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