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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Terrestrial Meteorite Hunting on the Moon

Terrestrial Meteorite Hunting on the Moon

Paul bristolia at
Tue May 6 09:31:42 EDT 2008

Dear Friends,

In the most recent issue of Astrobiology, there is an article advocating
the collecting of terrestrial meteorites from the Moon. They suggest that
there are pieces of the ancient Earth, blasted into space from the
surface of early Earth to be found on the Moon as "terrestrial
meteorites". They argue that an unique record of early Earth might
be found on the Moon in the form of "terrestrial meteorites".

The paper is;

Ian A. Crawford, Emily C. Baldwin, Emma A. Taylor, Jeremy A.
Bailey, Kostas Tsembelis, 2008, On the Survivability and Detectability
of Terrestrial Meteorites on the Moon. Astrobiology. vol. 8, no. 2,
pp. 242-252. doi:10.1089/ast.2007.0215.

Best Regards,

Paul H.

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