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Sunday, 31 August 2008

ATTN : Hurricane Gustav Evacuation

ATTN : Hurricane Gustav Evacuation

Paul bristolia at
Sun Aug 31 00:51:35 EDT 2008

Dave Carothers wrote:

"Best of luck, Mike. Having been stationed at Keesler
AFB in Biloxi, I know what you are going through.
God speed."

Some quotes:

"The mother of all storms." and "This is the storm of the century."
- Mayor Ray Nagin.

"This is as worst as it can get." - Gov. Bobby Jindle

They are now predicting that Gustav will be a Category 4 (and
possibly even 5 at times) Hurricane with 15 to 20 foot storm
surge. The coastal areas and parishes are going to get hammered
very, very badly if the predictions come true. In Baton Rouge,
we will definitely be with out power for days at least. The
only saving grace is that being in the northwest side of the
hurricane, the wind will blow any trees in our yard away from
the house if they should fall. Just as long as there are not
any tornadoes, we should be able to ride out what looks to be
a rather rough sleigh ride on Monday. I and Irina have all
of our supplies, money, full tank of gas in both of our cars,
and so forth. Now all we can do is wait and make the remainder
of the preparations. It feels like what it would be like to
know that a medium-size meteorite was headed toward a part
of Earth near me.

>From the looks of it, this will be worst than either Katrina,

Rita, or Andrew, which I have all been through here and from
what I have heard of it, at least either as bad as or worse
than Betsy even as far inland as Baton Rouge, LA.

People are "getting out of Dodge City".

Hurricane Gustav Evacuees Make Way To Chicago

Then there is this:

Gustav's potential storm surge could inundate Houma

Gustav could send a 25-foot wall of water into Terrebonne,
Lafourche, meteorologist says

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