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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Question About Nanodiamonds was " Ancient N.Y. Tsunami?"

Question About Nanodiamonds was " Ancient N.Y. Tsunami?"

Paul bristolia at
Sun Nov 23 22:25:08 EST 2008

On November 22, 2008,

Paul Harris forwarded:

"Did Asteroid Cause Ancient N.Y. Tsunami?
From: Anne Black impactika at

Hi, Anne Black
A friend of yours, Kevin Decker just asked us to pass
this along to you. Here's the link at
that they thought you'd be interested in seeing. "

In this story and in the AGU abstracts, we are reading
much about nanodiamonds. Does anyone know of any papers
about how a person goes about looking for nanodiamonds
in sediment samples?

Where does a person find a description of the procedures
used to extract and concentrate the carbon spherules and
nanodiamonds for analysis?

By the way, an article, for what it is or is not worth, about
nanodiamonds is "Lucy in the Sky with Nanodiamonds" at


Paul H.

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